source: rtems/aclocal/enable-cxx.m4 @ 03c1038

Last change on this file since 03c1038 was 9a4eca5, checked in by Chris Johns <chrisj@…>, on Aug 10, 2016 at 3:07:29 AM

build-system: Always enable C++ if the compiler is present.

We always build a C++ compiler and building with C++ does not effect
RTEMS or the runtime. This patch always enabled the support. There is
no need to manually enable it any more.

You can disable C++ with '--disable-cxx'.

If an architecture does not have a C++ compiler support is automatically

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 304 bytes
[9a4eca5]5[enable C++ support])],
[2a2def9]6[case "${enable_cxx}" in
[9ec96478]7  yes) RTEMS_HAS_CPLUSPLUS=yes ;;
8  no) RTEMS_HAS_CPLUSPLUS=no   ;;
9  *)  AC_MSG_ERROR(bad value ${enableval} for enable-cxx option) ;;
[9a4eca5]10esac], [RTEMS_HAS_CPLUSPLUS=yes])
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