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New autoconf feature from Ralf Corsepius:

It adds make rules for reconfiguring build-trees ("make Makefile") and
adds dependency rules for configure and friends (i.e. calls autoconf).
Most of this code has been "borrowed" from automake and was adapted to

Addionally, I added automatic generation of the "aclocal.m4"-file by
"aclocal" (from the automake package). Therefore I splitted aclocal.m4
into several separate files (attached to this mail), each containing one
of rtems customized autoconf/m4-macros and have put them into a new
subdirectory "aclocal". Normal users won't be influenced and won't even
need this, unless they try to modify

The main advantage of this is: these aclocal/m4-macros become reusable
and easier to administer. As a disadvantage, rtems becomes dependent of
having aclocal/automake installed. To keep building rtems functional if
autoconf or aclocal isn't installed, the related Makefile commands are
prefixed by "-" -- only an error message should be issued by "make".

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1dnl $Id$
3dnl RTEMS_CHECK_FILES_IN(path,file,var)
4dnl path .. path relative to srcdir, where to start searching for files
5dnl file .. name of the files to search for
6dnl var  .. shell variable to append found files
9AC_MSG_CHECKING(for $2 in $1)
10if test -d $srcdir/$1; then
11  rtems_av_save_dir=`pwd`;
12  cd $srcdir;
13  rtems_av_tmp=`find $1 -name $2 -print | sed 's%\.in%%' | sort`;
14  $3="$$3 $rtems_av_tmp";
15  cd $rtems_av_save_dir;
16  AC_MSG_RESULT(done)
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