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New autoconf feature from Ralf Corsepius:

It adds make rules for reconfiguring build-trees ("make Makefile") and
adds dependency rules for configure and friends (i.e. calls autoconf).
Most of this code has been "borrowed" from automake and was adapted to

Addionally, I added automatic generation of the "aclocal.m4"-file by
"aclocal" (from the automake package). Therefore I splitted aclocal.m4
into several separate files (attached to this mail), each containing one
of rtems customized autoconf/m4-macros and have put them into a new
subdirectory "aclocal". Normal users won't be influenced and won't even
need this, unless they try to modify

The main advantage of this is: these aclocal/m4-macros become reusable
and easier to administer. As a disadvantage, rtems becomes dependent of
having aclocal/automake installed. To keep building rtems functional if
autoconf or aclocal isn't installed, the related Makefile commands are
prefixed by "-" -- only an error message should be issued by "make".

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1dnl $Id$
3dnl canonicalize target name
4dnl NOTE: Most rtems targets do not fullfil autoconf's
5dnl target naming conventions "processor-vendor-os"
6dnl Therefore autoconf's AC_CANONICAL_TARGET will fail for them
7dnl and we have to fix it for rtems ourselves
10[AC_MSG_CHECKING(rtems target cpu)
11changequote(<<, >>)dnl
12target_cpu=`echo $target | sed 's%^\([^-]*\)-\(.*\)$%\1%'`
13changequote([, ])dnl
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