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5RTEMS was developed by On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR)
6for the U.S. Army Missile Command.  OAR offers support, customization,
7and training for RTEMS.  Custom RTEMS development services includes
8porting RTEMS to new processors and the development of custom board
9support packages and device drivers.   In addition, OAR is available
10to assist in the development of your real-time embedded application.
12For more information, email Mark Johannes at
13or contact OAR at:
15On-Line Applications Research Corporation
164910-L Corporate Drive
17Huntsville AL 35805
18Voice: (205) 722-9985
19Fax:   (205 722-0985
21In the past, RTEMS maintainance and enhancements were primarily funded
22by the development contracts sponsored by the U.S. Army.  Now RTEMS
23is funded solely by RTEMS users.  The future of RTEMS depends on
24its user base.
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