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[70d27f9]5On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR) offers support,
6customization, and training for RTEMS.  Custom RTEMS development services
7includes porting RTEMS to new processors and the development of custom board
[c06db398]8support packages and device drivers.   In addition, OAR is available
9to assist in the development of your real-time embedded application.
[c06db398]11For more information, email Mark Johannes at
12or contact OAR at:
[c06db398]14On-Line Applications Research Corporation
154910-L Corporate Drive
16Huntsville AL 35805
17Voice: (205) 722-9985
18Fax:   (205 722-0985
[70d27f9]20RTEMS maintenance and development is funded solely by RTEMS users. 
21The future of RTEMS depends on its user base.
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