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Last change on this file since 98100d2 was 98100d2, checked in by Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill@…>, on Jun 27, 1998 at 5:09:47 PM

Monstrous patch from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>. I have
made no attempt to divide the comments up and place them with just
the appropriate files. Here is an excerpt from Ralf's email:

Changes including comments on changes I made after cycling through
all the targets:

  • Added ranlib support. Now all targets use "ranlib" instead of "ar -s" to build an index for a library. If ranlib isn't detected during configuration, check if ar -s is working and try "ar -s" instead of
  • Removed $(XXX_FOR_TARGET) from make/, use $(XXX) instead now.
  • gcc-target-default.cfg: LINK_XXXX-defines reworked to solve the -l problem under posix (cf gcc-target-default.cfg)
  • rtems-glom replaced by Makefile-rules inside of the wrapup/ that has been using rtems-glom until now.
  • Removed CCC and friends in gcc-target-default.cfg, as they have been breaking CXX support.
  • Removed CONFIG.$(TARGET_ARCH).CC lines from several custom/*.cfg files, because this is now set in custom/default.cfg.
  • Added aclocal/ar-s.m4, check whether "ar -s" is working
  • Added aclocal/cygwin.m4 and aclocal/exeext.m4.
  • Reworked aclocal/canonicalize-tools.m4: Added ar -s check; fixes for problems when XXX_FOR_TARGET is given via environment variables (didn't work for gcc until now), adding cygwin check, improved autoconf-cache handling.
  • Removed -l from make rule dependencies. LINK_LIBS is now allowed to contain -L and -l. LINK_OBJS and LINK_FILES must not contain -L or -l. gcc28 make-exe rules now link using $(LINK_OBJS) $(LINK_LIBS) => Almost all custom/*.cfg are modified. This is very likely to break something because of typos or having missed to edit a file.

Open problems, known bugs, things I didn't do:

  • custom/p4000.cfg seems to be out of date and requires to be reviewed.

(JRS NOTE: It is subordinate p4650 and p4600 -- both of which build ok

after minor changes.)

  • custom/psim.cfg needs to be reviewed, I added some changes to it, I am insecure about.

(JRS NOTE: psim had a minor problem endif/endef swapped but runs fine.)

  • can now be removed.
  • gcc*.cfg files "make depend" rules don't honor language specific flags (e.g CXXFLAGS is ignored for *.cc) - Nothing to worry about now, but may cause problems for hosts/targets not using gcc or rtems-add-ons that use external packages.
  • AFAIS, the no_bsp BSP can't be build anymore, i.e. configure refused to configure for it whatever I tried.
  • The toplevel and toplevel+1 README files are quite out-dated
  • cygwin.m4 isn't of much use for rtems. In most cases (cf. aclocal/*.m4) it is worked around by directly using $host_os. I think I'll remove it soon after the next snapshot
  • Before release the cygwin patch needs to be tested under cygwin. I may have broken/missed something (esp. the sed-pattern to convert
    into / may be broken).
  • You should try to build/run the posix-BSP under solaris - I don't expect problems, but I am not 100% sure, esp. with regard to ranlib/ar -s.
  • You should consider to convert all make/compilers/*.cfg files into make/compilers/* files and let autoconf generate the *.cfg. This may help getting rid of some if/then/else statements and help hard-coding some defines into those files in future and shouldn't disturb now.
  • Not having installed libc.a/libm.a on a host may still break building rtems, esp. when using -disable-gcc28 as the gcc27-configuration scheme directly accesses libc.a and libm.a. The problem should not appear when using gcc28 because it references libc/libm only through -lc and -lm which may be static or dynamic (I didn't test this).
  • shgen is not yet included (I didn't yet have enough time to integrate it).
  • I know about a few more configure-probs (esp. cross-checking --enable-* flags).

+ warn/refuse to configure when --enable-libcdir and

--enable-gcc28 are given.

+ force --enable-libcdir when --disable-gcc28 is given

  • Replaced KSHELL with @KSH@ in some shell scripts generated by
  • Added a dependency to aclocal/*.m4 in the toplevel Makefile => configure and aclocal.m4 will now be rebuild when any aclocal/*.m4 file is changed
  • Some changes to aclocal/gcc-pipe.m4 and aclocal/gcc-specs.m4
  • Replaced i3456?86-unknown-freebsd2.12? with i3456?86-*freebsd2.* in, as I suppose there might exist a variety of valid vendors (2nd field of the name-tripple)
  • Disabled override MAKEFLAGS in toplevel - Potential side-effects are not really clear to me.
  • In mvme162.cfg, $(LINK_LIBS) is missing in the CC line in gcc28's make-exe rule (yet another one I missed to edit). Just append $(LINK_LIBS) to the "CC" line, like I hopefully did to ALL other custom/*.cfg files.
  • the problem with mvme162lx.cfg is a follow-up problem of the mvme162.cfg-bug.
  • mvme162/console and idp/console had variables named Buffer which conflicted with similarly named variables in some tests.
  • Property mode set to 100644
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2# top level directory for RTEMS build tree
4# Modified by Jiri to implement autoconf and cygnus one-tree build
6#  $Id$
10srcdir = @srcdir@
11prefix = @prefix@
12exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@
13bindir = @bindir@
14libdir = @libdir@
15includedir = @includedir@
16target = @target@
17manext = 1
18mandir = @mandir@/man$(manext)
19program_prefix = @program_prefix@
21export bindir
23RTEMS_ROOT = @top_srcdir@
28ifeq ($(RTEMS_BSP),)
32include $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/main.cfg
34MTARGETS = all install $(TARGET_VARIANTS) $(TARGET_VARIANTS:%=%_all) \
35  $(TARGET_VARIANTS:%=%_install) $(TARGET_VARIANTS:%=%_tests) \
36  clean_wrapup distclean clean_dirs clean_tools tests clean depend
38EXIT_CMD = exit 1
40# Don't pass flags from previous make - especially NOT CFLAGS 
41# NOTE: Previous versions overrode MAKEFLAGS, but this also disables
42# a lot of useful features
43# override MAKEFLAGS=
46        BASEDIR=`pwd`; \
47        for bsp in $(RTEMS_BSP) xxx; \
48        do if [ $$bsp != xxx ] ; then  \
49            cd $$BASEDIR; \
50            cmd="cd c; $(MAKE) RTEMS_BSP=$$bsp $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) \
51            $@" ; \
52            eval $$cmd || $(EXIT_CMD); \
53        fi; done;
55## Configuration stuff
57ACLOCAL = aclocal -I aclocal
58AUTOCONF = autoconf
60ACLOCAL_FILES := $(wildcard $(srcdir)/aclocal/*.m4)
61ACLOCAL_M4 = aclocal.m4
64        -cd $(RTEMS_ROOT) && $(ACLOCAL)
66Makefile: config.status
67        CONFIG_FILES=$@ CONFIG_HEADERS= $(SHELL) ./config.status
69config.status: $(RTEMS_ROOT)/configure
70        $(SHELL) ./config.status --recheck
72$(RTEMS_ROOT)/configure: $(RTEMS_ROOT)/ $(ACLOCAL_M4)
73        -cd $(RTEMS_ROOT) && $(AUTOCONF)
75.PRECIOUS: $(ACLOCAL_M4) configure Makefile config.status
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