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Bugfix: gcc-4.4.7 couldn't be build with a modern texinfo package.

The texinfo documentation of binutils contained some constructs that are
errors, at least for a modern version of texinfo (version 6.0 and newer). This
meant that gcc-4.4.7 couldn't be build e.g. on fedora-22.

A patch file was added to fix the problematic parts of the documentation.

Update #2520.

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  • gcc/doc/c-tree.texi

    old new  
    23382338not matter.  The type of the operands and that of the result are
    23392339always of @code{BOOLEAN_TYPE} or @code{INTEGER_TYPE}.
    2341 @itemx POINTER_PLUS_EXPR
     2341@item  POINTER_PLUS_EXPR
    23422342This node represents pointer arithmetic.  The first operand is always
    23432343a pointer/reference type.  The second operand is always an unsigned
    23442344integer type compatible with sizetype.  This is the only binary
    23452345arithmetic operand that can operate on pointer types.
    2347 @itemx PLUS_EXPR
     2347@item  PLUS_EXPR
    23482348@itemx MINUS_EXPR
    23492349@itemx MULT_EXPR
    23502350These nodes represent various binary arithmetic operations.
  • gcc/doc/cppopts.texi

    old new  
    758758Enable special code to work around file systems which only permit very
    759759short file names, such as MS-DOS@.
    761 @itemx --help
     761@item --help
    762762@itemx --target-help
    763763@opindex help
    764764@opindex target-help
  • gcc/doc/invoke.texi

    old new  
    46494649@option{-fdump-rtl-ce3} enable dumping after the three
    46504650if conversion passes.
    4652 @itemx -fdump-rtl-cprop_hardreg
     4652@item -fdump-rtl-cprop_hardreg
    46534653@opindex fdump-rtl-cprop_hardreg
    46544654Dump after hard register copy propagation.
    4656 @itemx -fdump-rtl-csa
     4656@item -fdump-rtl-csa
    46574657@opindex fdump-rtl-csa
    46584658Dump after combining stack adjustments.
    46644664@option{-fdump-rtl-cse1} and @option{-fdump-rtl-cse2} enable dumping after
    46654665the two common sub-expression elimination passes.
    4667 @itemx -fdump-rtl-dce
     4667@item -fdump-rtl-dce
    46684668@opindex fdump-rtl-dce
    46694669Dump after the standalone dead code elimination passes.
    4671 @itemx -fdump-rtl-dbr
     4671@item -fdump-rtl-dbr
    46724672@opindex fdump-rtl-dbr
    46734673Dump after delayed branch scheduling.
    47134713@opindex fdump-rtl-initvals
    47144714Dump after the computation of the initial value sets.
    4716 @itemx -fdump-rtl-into_cfglayout
     4716@item -fdump-rtl-into_cfglayout
    47174717@opindex fdump-rtl-into_cfglayout
    47184718Dump after converting to cfglayout mode.
    47434743@opindex fdump-rtl-rnreg
    47444744Dump after register renumbering.
    4746 @itemx -fdump-rtl-outof_cfglayout
     4746@item -fdump-rtl-outof_cfglayout
    47474747@opindex fdump-rtl-outof_cfglayout
    47484748Dump after converting from cfglayout mode.
    47554755@opindex fdump-rtl-postreload
    47564756Dump after post-reload optimizations.
    4758 @itemx -fdump-rtl-pro_and_epilogue
     4758@item -fdump-rtl-pro_and_epilogue
    47594759@opindex fdump-rtl-pro_and_epilogue
    47604760Dump after generating the function pro and epilogues.
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