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1RTEMS Tools Project
3Chris Johns <>
5The RTEMS Tools Project is a collection of tools to help you use RTEMS. The
6package is self contained and if in a release package format is specific to an
7RTEMS release and if in the git repo is a development version.
9All tools are distributed as source code. They should work on a range of host
10computers. Windows support may be via cross building on suitable Unix systems.
12The tools contained in this package each come with documentation so please
13locate and refer to that.
15The RTEMS Tools Project has been developed for the RTEMS Project however these
16tools can be used for a range of things not related to RTEMS. The RTEMS Project
17welcomes this.
19If you have a problem or question post to or drop by the
20RTEMS IRC channel #rtems on Drop by and tell us if you are
21using these tools for other uses.
23If you have any patches please post them to the mailing list in
24git format patches with your details.
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