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simple-build-scripts: Significant update

This script can now build RTEMS and non-RTEMS targets.
It can be used to test non-RTEMS no-OS targets.

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1This directory contains the build_tools script.  This script is used to
2build and install an RTEMS toolset from source.  You are responsible for
3downloading the various tools from either release images or their
4development versions and patching as appropriate.
6The usage is as follows:
8  -v             verbose (default=no)
9  -c             clean after building if OK (default=yes)
10  -A             toggle building binutils, gcc, newlib, and gdb
11  -a             toggle building autoconf (default=no)
12  -m             toggle building automake (default=no)
13  -b             toggle building binutils (default=no)
14  -g             toggle building gcc/newlib (default=no)
15  -d             toggle building gdb (default=no)
16  -i INSTALL     specify install directory (required)
17  -t TARGET      specify target (required)
18  -B DIRECTORY   specify directory for build tree (default=pwd)
19  -T             toggle running test (default=no)
20  -M             toggle sending test results email (default=no)
22To build a cross toolset for a target, invoke the build_tools command
23with INSTALL_POINT replaced with "prefix" in GNU tool terms:
25./build_tools -i INSTALL_POINT -t TARGET -A
27Depending on the target and the speed of the machine, this can take
28anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.
30When completed, you should prepend INSTALL_POINT/bin to your PATH:
34Since you need the proper autoconf and automake versions to bootstrap
35RTEMS, these are included in the build script.
37The script will also build non-RTEMS embedded GNU targets. This
38script can be used to build and test a no-OS target that shares
39a common code base with the RTEMS target. For example, arm-rtems
40is very similar to arm-eabi. Testing the non-RTEMS target variant
41can help when reporting issues and tracking down problems.
43--Joel Sherrill (9 January 2013)
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