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1Board: GumStix Connex PXA255
2RTEMS BSP: gumstix
6  + Fetch a connex U-Boot Flash image
7     dd of=connext-flash.img bs=128k count=128 if=/dev/zero
8     dd of=connext-flash.img bs=128k conv=notrunc if=UBOOT-FLASH-IMAGE
9     dd of=connext-flash.img bs=128k conv=notrunc if=UBOOT-FLASH-IMAGE
11  + We would like to do more preprocessing but for now, just copy
12    the UBOOT-FLASH-IMAGE to ${HOME}/qemu.  The one in this directory
13    works fine.
15  + This flash is configured to boot GNU/Linux.  There is no kernel in
16    this flash image and we want it to autoboot an RTEMS application.
17    So by hand, we we would LIKE TO BE ABLE TO boot it, reconfigure
18    the bootcmd.  BUT THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!
20    GUM> setenv bootcmd = bootelf 0x400000
21    GUM> saveenv
22    Saving Environment to Flash...
23     ...
24  + Then exit and the flash.img is modified.
26So we rebuild the flash image booted each time
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