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6: Update unstable RTEMS 6 tool chain

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File size: 535 bytes
1%include %{_configdir}/checks.cfg
2%include %{_configdir}/base.cfg
4%define gdb_version 22e217527d
5%define gdb_external 1
6%define gdb_expand_name sourceware-mirror-binutils-gdb-%{gdb_version}
7%source set gdb --rsb-file=%{gdb_expand_name}.tar.gz{gdb_version}
8%hash sha512 %{gdb_expand_name}.tar.gz 3bb5787a2162110b02905f96089bd092142211bec5c393d7f7b83b117e628b9a0371c66f8d9f02e5f353f24c43e8648563598424cd4c9d3b23e7b5c77857aa65
10%include %{_configdir}/gdb-8-1.cfg
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