source: rtems-source-builder/rtems/config/rtems-urls.bset @ 0ffee19
Last change on this file since 0ffee19 was 0ffee19, checked in by Chris Johns <chrisj@…>, on 06/15/14 at 05:40:34

sb: Add support for building RTEMS 3rd party packages.

Remove the 'opt' from various macros and shell variables.

Add pkgconfig to the checks to make it clear the check is a
pkgconfig check.

Add NTP support as the first package to be built using the RSB.

Split the RTEMS URL's out from the base bset file into a separate
file that be included by other files.

Add an RTEMS BSP configuration file to help abstract the process
of building 3rd party packages.

Clean the cross and canadian cross support up so we can cleanly support
cross and canadian cross building.

Refactor the pkgconfig support and clean up the PC file handling of
loading modules.

Add support for %{?..} to return false if a macro is %{nil}.

Add %{pkgconfig ..} support to allow better control of access RTEMS
pkgconfig files.

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2# The URLs for RTEMS
6# The RTEMS http git URL.
8%define rtems_http_git
9%define rtems_git_tools        %{rtems_http_git}/rtems-tools/plain/tools/%{rtems_version}
10%define rtems_binutils_patches %{rtems_git_tools}/binutils
11%define rtems_gcc_patches      %{rtems_git_tools}/gcc
12%define rtems_newlib_patches   %{rtems_git_tools}/newlib
13%define rtems_gdb_patches      %{rtems_git_tools}/gdb
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