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Last change on this file was d3fa158, checked in by Chris Johns <chrisj@…>, on Mar 10, 2016 at 5:19:58 AM

sb: Add a download option --with-release-url/--without-release-url.

The default without the option is to prepend the release URL to the URL
list to download from the RTEMS FTP site first if the RSB is released. This
option can force the RTEMS FTP to be tried first when not a release,
or you can supply a different URL to download from or you can request
no RTEMS URL is tried first. Eg:


Move the RTEMS release URL to the file. Change the URL
to the RTEMS FTP server and do not use the https method of access.

The option's with_arg call was cleaned up to make sense.

Remove the log's raw output of an extra space.

Some download error message formating was cleaned up.

Closes #2636.

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2# The URLs for RTEMS
6# The RTEMS http git URL.
8%define rtems_http_git
9%define rtems_git_tools        %{rtems_http_git}/rtems-tools/plain/tools/%{rtems_version}
10%define rtems_autoconf_patches %{rtems_git_tools}/autoconf
11%define rtems_automake_patches %{rtems_git_tools}/automake
12%define rtems_binutils_patches %{rtems_git_tools}/binutils
13%define rtems_gcc_patches      %{rtems_git_tools}/gcc
14%define rtems_newlib_patches   %{rtems_git_tools}/newlib
15%define rtems_gdb_patches      %{rtems_git_tools}/gdb
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