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bare/qemu: Fixes building on FreeBSD

  • Move the qemu config to a common file shared by qemu and qemu4.
  • Disable nettle on qemu4, FreeBSd complained.
  • Add some extra git cleaning steps to the git path. These however do not full clean the qemu submodules and it is not worth the effort to try and fix.
  • The devel/qemu will not build on machines with python set to python3. This will not be fixed, use qemu4.

Closes #3966

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 465 bytes
2# Base defines for Bare Tools. We use the RTEMS Tools repo for patches.
6# The RTEMS http git URL.
7%define rtems_http_git
8%define rtems_git_tools       %{rtems_http_git}/rtems-tools/plain/tools/%{rtems_version}
9%define bare_binutils_patches %{rtems_git_tools}/binutils
10%define bare_gcc_patches      %{rtems_git_tools}/gcc
11%define bare_newlib_patches   %{rtems_git_tools}/newlib
12%define bare_gdb_patches      %{rtems_git_tools}/gdb
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