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1RTEMS Tools From Source
4The RTEMS Source Builder is a tool to aid building packages from source used by
5the RTEMS project. It helps consolidate the details you need to build a package
6from source in a controlled and verifiable way. The tool is aimed at developers
7of software who use tool sets for embedded type development and is not limited
8to building just for RTEMS. Embedded development typically uses cross-compiling
9tool chains, debuggers, and debugging aids. Together we call these a 'tool
10set'. The RTEMS Source Builder is not limited to this role but designed to fit
11with-in this specific niche. It can be used outside of the RTEMS project and we
12welcome this happening in other open source or commercial projects.
14The project is part of the RTEMS Project. See for
15details. The master repositiory is
18Documentation is in the 'doc' directory and available as HTML at
20Contributions, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome.
22Chris Johns
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