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schedsim_smppriority_affinity: Cleanup scenarios.

Add check of expected threads to cpu commands. Add more documentation and set fix
the expected files.

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2#  Verify that affinity APIs work with the right values
4#  This scenario does **NOT** change the affinity of any thread
5#  which ever executes.
7rtems_init 4
8task_create smp1 3
9task_create smp2 6
10task_create smp3 7
11task_create smp4 8
12task_create smp5 10
14# GOAL: Tasks 0x0a010001 - 0x0a010004 as heir and executing
15# GOAL:    on CPUs 1 - 4 respectively
16cpus smp4 smp3 smp2 smp1
18# GOAL: These should work OK and change the affinity
19task_get_affinity smp5
20task_set_affinity smp5 0x01
21task_get_affinity smp5
22task_set_affinity smp5 0x02
23task_get_affinity smp5
24task_set_affinity smp5 0x04
25task_get_affinity smp5
26task_set_affinity smp5 0x08
27task_get_affinity smp5
29# GOAL This should fail.
30task_set_affinity smp5 0x10
31task_get_affinity smp5
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