source: rtems-libbsd/rtemsbsd @ 0de65a8

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
debugger afda2c7   11/29/16 05:13:52 Chris Johns debugger: Set the fd to -1 to indicate being disconnected.
ftpd 269b559   11/24/16 11:01:28 Sebastian Huber ftpd: Use floating-point tasks due to syslog()
ftpfs 68d406b   06/09/16 09:19:09 Sebastian Huber ftpfs: Import from RTEMS RTEMS Git commit …
include e846288   06/21/17 12:35:19 Sebastian Huber Add rtems_bsd_set_if_input()
local 47169ea   08/01/17 07:21:31 1473996754 Port rtl8188eu driver to RTEMS. Now USB dongle rtl8188eu can work as …
mdns 026abfb   11/10/14 07:27:32 Sebastian Huber Add rtems_mdns_gethostname()
mghttpd 4f75a78   04/07/15 13:31:27 Sebastian Huber mghttpd: Import from RTEMS
nfsclient c83cf5c   08/12/16 02:19:48 Chris Johns nfsclient: Only parse for options when present.
powerpc 0de65a8   06/27/17 07:30:44 Sebastian Huber linux: Include missing <sys/errno.h>
pppd 573b4cd6   10/08/14 06:04:59 Sebastian Huber ppp: Port to new stack
rtems e846288   06/21/17 12:35:19 Sebastian Huber Add rtems_bsd_set_if_input()
sys 07c8680   05/24/17 11:16:11 Sebastian Huber dpaa: Get c45 ids
telnetd 65c65bb   07/01/16 05:49:52 Chris Johns Add telnetd as service to rc.conf.
  • Property mode set to 040000
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