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Last change on this file since f124b04 was f124b04, checked in by Daron Chabot <daron.chabot@…>, on Nov 24, 2008 at 3:01:03 AM

Clean up of plugin.xml and addition of simpler, "Hello World" template.

Removed shared-lib option from c/c++ linker tools: RTEMS doesn't support shared libs.

Removed -D_REENTRANT flag. I've no idea where that came from: it's not in RTEMS or newlib.

Added more stringent test for empty RTEMS_BSP_DEFINED_SYMBOLS environment variable.
NOTE: none of the defs (provided by Robert) for this variable are necessary.

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1#Template Default Values
2RTEMS.Hello.Template.Label=RTEMS Hello-World Project
3RTEMS.Hello.Template.Label.Description=The prototypical "Hello World" project. Creates a folder for sources and another for include.
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