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RTEMS offers a variety of support options.

This chapter covers all options available to both users and developers. If you believe this is a bug report please submit it to the bug tracker otherwise the developers mailing list is the default location to send the report.

Bug Tracker

The bug tracker can be found at the :r:url:`bugs`.


See the Submission Guidelines for details on submitting a ticket.

Be sure to do a cursory search for any tickets that may be relevant to your problem.

If you are unsure about your issue status submit a ticket and we will help you sort it out.


The latest user documentation can always be found at the :r:url:`docs`.


Mailing Lists

We have several mailing lists for RTEMS users and developers.


RTEMS IRC is available on the Freenode network. See the Freenode web site for details on connecting, selecting a nickname, and general usage tips. If you are new to IRC it is recommended reading.

These are the current IRC channels.


This is a general channel for all things RTEMS. You can just hang out with other RTEMS users and developers to talk about RTEMS, using RTEMS or to make contact with other RTEMS users.

The #rtems channel is logged. You can find the logs at You can search the logs using Google by adding: inurl:irclogs

to your search terms.


Developers can find help and support on the mailing lists, see :ref:`support-mailing-lists`.


Technical documents including design, :r:url:`gsoc`, :r:url:`socis` can be found on the :r:url:`devel`.

Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.