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6.. _QuickStartHost:
[54ead99]8Prepare Your Host Computer
[54ead99]11The *host computer* is a computer you use to develop applications.  It runs all
[3ed59ce]12your tools, editors, documentation viewers, etc.  To get started with RTEMS
[54ead99]13development you need tools from your host's operating system to build the RTEMS
14tool suite from source.  This is not a one-click installation process, but
15there are :ref:`good reasons <WhyBuildFromSource>` to build everything from
16source.  You need a native C, C++ and Python development environment.  Please
17make sure that you can build native C/C++ applications on your host computer.
18You must be able to build native Python C modules.  Usually, you have to
19install a Python development package for this.  Please have a look at the
20:ref:`Host Computer <host-computer>` chapter for the gory details.  In
21particular :ref:`Microsoft Windows <microsoft-windows>` user should do this.
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