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User manual, devel install and windows install.

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6.. index:: Dependencies
8RTEMS applications are developed using cross-development tools running on a
9host computer, typically your desktop or a special build server. All RTEMS
10tools and runtime libraries are built from source on your host machine. The
11RTEMS Project does not maintain binary builds of the tools. This may appear be
12the opposite to what you normally experience with host operating systems, and
13it is, however this approach works well. RTEMS is not a host operating system
14and it is not a distrbution. Providing binary packages for every possible host
15operating system is to big a task for the RTEMS Project and it is not a good
16use of the core developers time. Their time is better spent making RTEMS better
17and faster.
19Developer Computer
22The rule for selecting a computer for a developer is `more is better` but we do
23understand there are limits. Projects set up different configurations and what
24is described here is not an approved set up, rather it is a guide. Some
25projects have a suitable development machine per developer while others set up
26a tightly controlled central build server. RTEMS is flexible and lets you
27engineering a development environment that suites you. The basic specs are:
29- Multicore processor
30- 8G bytes RAM
31- 256G harddisk
33RTEMS makes no demands on graphics.
35Host Software
38A wide range of host operating systems and hardware can be used. The host
39operating systems supported are:
41- Linux
42- FreeBSD
43- NetBSD
44- Apple OS X
45- Windows
46- Solaris
48The functionality on POSIX operating such as Linux and FreeBSD is similar and
49most features on Windows are supported but you are best to ask on
50:r:list:`users` if you have a specific question.
52Install and set up your host operating system. We recommend you maintain your
53operating system by installing any updates.
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