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Add support for spellchecking with a custom dictionary.

To use:

  1. Install aspell
  2. waf spell <list of files>
    • waf spell mydoc.rst
    • waf spell *.rst

This uses a custom dictionary stored in common/spell/dict/. We should add all
RTEMS and programming terms to this to ensure we are consistent.


  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 301 bytes
[5daabd2]1from sys import path
2from os.path import abspath
[f916fca]5from waf import cmd_options_path, cmd_configure_path, cmd_build_path, spell, cmd_spell
[46498bd]8def options(ctx):
[3a71759]9                cmd_options_path(ctx)
[5daabd2]11def configure(ctx):
[3a71759]12        cmd_configure_path(ctx)
[5daabd2]14def build(ctx):
[3a71759]15        cmd_build_path(ctx)
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