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The RTEMS Source Builder is a stand alone tool based on another tool called the 'SpecBuilder'. The SpecBuilder was written for the RTEMS project to give me a way to build tools on hosts that did not support RPMs. At the time the RTEMS tools maintainer only used spec files to create various packages. This meant I had either spec files, RPM files or SRPM files. The RPM and SPRM files where useless because you needed an 'rpm' type tool to extract and manage them. There are versions of 'rpm' for a number of non-RPM hosts however these proved to be in various broken states and randomly maintained. The solution I settled on was to use spec files so I wrote a Python based tool that parsed the spec file format and allowed me to create a shell script I could run to build the package. This approach proved successful and I was able to track the RPM version of the RTEMS tools on a non-RPM host over a number of years. however the SpecBuilder tool did not help me build tools or other packages not related to the RTEMS project where there was no spec file I could use so I needed another tool. Rather than start again I decided to take the parsing code for the spec file format and build a new tool called the RTEMS Source Builder.

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