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1.. COMMENT: Written by Eric Norum
2.. COMMENT: COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-2002.
3.. COMMENT: On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
4.. COMMENT: All rights reserved.
9This document describes the RTEMS specific parts of the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack.
10Much of this documentation was written by Eric Norum ( of
11the Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory who also ported the FreeBSD TCP/IP
12stack to RTEMS.
14The following is a list of resources which should be useful in trying to
15understand Ethernet:
17- *Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site*
18  "This site provides extensive information about Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) local
19  area network (LAN) technology. Including the original 10 Megabit per second
20  (Mbps) system, the 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet system (802.3u), and the Gigabit
21  Ethernet system (802.3z)."  The URL is:
22  (
24- *TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 : The Protocols*
25  by W. Richard Stevens (ISBN: 0201633469)
26  This book provides detailed introduction to TCP/IP and includes diagnostic
27  programs which are publicly available.
29- *TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 2 : The Implementation*
30  by W. Richard Stevens and Gary Wright (ISBN: 020163354X)
31  This book focuses on implementation issues regarding TCP/IP.  The
32  treat for RTEMS users is that the implementation covered is the BSD
33  stack with most of the source code described in detail.
35- *UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1 : 2nd Edition*
36  by W. Richard Stevens (ISBN: 0-13-490012-X)
37  This book describes how to write basic TCP/IP applications, again with primary
38  focus on the BSD stack.
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