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.. glossary::
    GNU Binary Utilities such as the assembler ``as``, linker ``ld`` and a
    range of other tools used in the development of software.
    Dynamically Linker Library used on Windows.
    GNU Compiler Tool chain. It is the GNU C/C++ compiler, binutils and GDB.
    GNU Debugger
    Minimal GNU system for Windows that lets GCC built programs use the
    standard Windows operating system DLLs. It lets you build native Windows
    programs with the GNU GCC compiler.
    Minimal GNU system for 64bit Windows. MinGW64 is not the MinGW project.
    Minimal System 2 is a fork of the MinGW project's MSYS tool and the MinGW
    MSYS tool is a fork of Cygwin project. The Cygwin project provides a POSIX
    emulation layer for Windows so POSIX software can run on Windows. MSYS is a
    minimal version that is just enough to let ``configure`` scripts run. MSYS
    has a simplified path structure to make it easier to building native Windows
    Portable Operating System Interface is a standard that lets software be
    portable between compliant operating systems.
    A path used when building a package so all parts of the package reside
    under that path.
    RTEMS Source Builder is part of the RTEMS Tools Project. It builds packages
    such as the tools for the RTEMS operating system.
    The Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems or RTEMS is an open
    source fully featured Real Time Operating System or RTOS that supports a
    variety of open standard application programming interfaces (API) and
    interface standards such as POSIX and BSD sockets.
  Test Suite
   See Testsuite
    RTEMS test suite located in the ``testsuites/`` directory.
    Waf build system.  For more information see
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