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1SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0 OR BSD-2-Clause
3- Copyright (C) 2021 embedded brains GmbH (
4enabled-by: true
6- role: spec-member
7  uid: root
8- role: spec-refinement
9  spec-key: interface-type
10  spec-value: register-block
11  uid: interface
12spec-description: null
13spec-example: null
15  dict:
16    attributes:
17      brief:
18        description: null
19        spec-type: interface-brief
20      definition:
21        description: null
22        spec-type: interface-register-block-member-directive-list
23      description:
24        description: null
25        spec-type: interface-description
26      identifier:
27        description: null
28        spec-type: interface-group-identifier
29      name:
30        description: |
31          It shall be the name of the register block.
32        spec-type: str
33      notes:
34        description: null
35        spec-type: interface-notes
36      registers:
37        description: null
38        spec-type: interface-register-list
39      register-block-group:
40        description: |
41          It shall be the name of the interface group defined for the register
42          block.  For the group identifier see the ``identifier`` attribute.
43        spec-type: str
44      register-block-size:
45        description: |
46          If the value is present, then it shall be the size of the register
47          block in units of the address space granule.
48        spec-type: optional-int
49      register-prefix:
50        description: |
51          If the value is present, then it will be used to prefix register bit
52          field names, otherwise the value of the ``name`` attribute will be
53          used.
54        spec-type: optional-str
55    description: |
56      This set of attributes specifies a register block.  A register block may
57      be used to specify the interface of devices which use a linear address
58      space.  Register blocks consist of register block members specified by
59      the ``definition`` attribute.  Register block members are either
60      instances of registers specified by the ``registers`` attribute or
61      instances of other register blocks specified by links with the
62      ${interface-register-block-include-role:/spec-name}.  Registers consists
63      of bit fields (see ${interface-register-bits:/spec-name}.  The register
64      block members are placed into the address space of the device relative to
65      the base address of the register block.  Register member offests and the
66      register block size are specified in units of the address space granule.
67      The address space granule is usually 8-bits also known as one byte.
68    mandatory-attributes: all
69spec-name: Register Block Item Type
70spec-type: interface-register-block
71type: spec
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