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spec: Rename required in mandatory attributes

The term "required" is quite overloaded in the specification context.
Use "mandatory" instead.

Shorten the phrase "explicitly defined attributes" to "explicit

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1SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0 OR BSD-2-Clause
3- Copyright (C) 2020 embedded brains GmbH (
4enabled-by: true
6- role: spec-member
7  uid: root
8spec-description: null
9spec-example: null
11  dict:
12    attributes:
13      value:
14        description: |
15          It value shall be the default value for the matching variants.
16        spec-type: build-option-value
17      variants:
18        description: |
19          It shall be a list of Python regular expression matching with the
20          desired variants.
21        spec-type: list-str
22    description: |
23      This set of attributes specifies build option default values by variant.
24    mandatory-attributes: all
25spec-name: Build Option Default by Variant
26spec-type: build-default-by-variant
27type: spec
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