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2#  $Id$
5This directory contains an example program which should be of use
6in some situations.  It is designed to be used with Qemu's
7virtual FAT file system support.  Qemu can make a directory on
8the host computer appear as a FAT file system to the simulated
9system. This capability appears to have limits on the number
10and size of files as well as some limitations about writes
11from the simulated system appearing in the native file system.
12But this should be useful for testing interpreters like Parrot,
13Mono, or the RTEMS Shell. 
15When testing an interpreter, you often want to have the same
16executable exercised with different arguments or input files.
17With this setup, you can copy those test support files into
18the host directory and the RTEMS "main" will use those in
19support of the testing.
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