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2# $Id$
5WARNING!!! Code is ERC32 specific.
7The directories irq_test and irq_test_c are related and provided
8for performance comparisons.
10This directory contains a simple benchmark in Ada of a forced interrupt
11and provides a baseline comparison point for the performance
12of the GNAT implementation of Ada interrupt tasks on RTEMS.
14On 17 October 2007, this program run on TSIM reported that
15this program took 315 microseconds on a 14 Mhz SPARC/ERC32 to complete
16the following sequence:
18  + itest: Start Timer
19    + itest: Force IRQ
20    + hidden Ada ISR Handler: Release a simple binary semaphore
21  + Handler Task: Wake up from an Ada entry
22  + Handler Task: Stop Timer
24In comparison, the irq_test_c program implementing the same
25sequence but using C interrupt tasks took only 158 microseconds
26on the same target.
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