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2# $Id$
5The following is an example of how to build these Ada examples:
7export RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH=/home/joel/rtems-4.8-work/bsp-install/CPU-rtems4.8/BSP/
8make clean all
10This procedure has been used on the following BSPs:
12  arm/edb7312
13  bfin/eZKit533
14  i386/pc386
15  m68k/mcf5206elite
16  mips/jmr3904
17  powerpc/gen5200
18  powerpc/psim
19  sparc/erc32
20  sparc/leon2
21  sparc/leon3
22  sparc/sis
24The Makefile directly produces an executable for a BSP which directly runs
25the format (usually ELF) produced by just linking an application.
26There are a couple of BSP families which require just a bit of
27assistance that this Makefile knows about -- gen5200 and pc386.
28The executables produced by this Makefile should run on at least the
29following BSPs:
31+  arm/edb7312
32+  i386/pc386
33+  mips/jmr3904
34+  powerpc/icecube
35+  powerpc/psim
36+  powerpc/score603e
37+  sparc/erc32
38+  sparc/leon2
39+  sparc/leon3
41Some BSPs require even more manipulation of the ELF file before it can
42be run on the target hardware.  For example, the Freescale IceCube
43variant of the gen5200 BSP uses U-Boot and you have to run mkimage
44to get a bootable file.
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